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Promo Items to help you stay safe in the workplace

With lockdown easing in place, many businesses are focusing on returning to work safely after the Coronavirus lockdown.

We have already seen the return of many industries, including pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, and beauty salons, along with face masks becoming mandatory on public transport and in shops.

If they haven’t already, business owners and managers across the nation are scratching their heads, wondering when they should reopen their offices.

The “stay safe” buzzword is key amongst businesses looking to resume and adapt to a world where social distancing is the “new norm” and hand sanitiser is more in-demand than the latest iPhone.

Here at GB Merchandise, we care about helping our clients and their businesses through these turbulent times.

Here are some cost-effective branding merchandise ideas to help maintain the safety of employees and clients in the workplace when you return to work after lockdown:

1: i-Therma Dispenser

Introducing the iTherma Dispenser – a contactless solution for checking your colleagues’ and visitors’ temperature.

Available as a wall hanging or a free-standing unit, this handy gadget is ideal for positioning outside any office, school or workplace to help prevent cross infection.

How can this product help combat the spread of coronavirus in the workplace?

If someone has a high fever, one of the core symptoms of coronavirus, an alarm will sound to alert them so they know to go home and quarantine for 14 days.
This product also includes an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser to ensure people regularly disinfect their hands, in line with coronavirus guidelines.
So, if you’re looking for ideas and tips of how to return to work safely, installing an iTherma dispenser would be our top recommendation!

2: Smart Temperature Band

The industry’s first Coronavirus symptoms alert smart band allows the wearer to get accurate body temperature readings after just 20 seconds.  These branded smart bands are also great for monitoring the wearer’s heart rate and blood pressure, as well as any workouts, step count, and the usual smart band functions.

There’s no minimum order quantity and the packaging can be printed with your branding, making these high perceived value promo items the perfect return to work gift.

How can this product help combat the spread of coronavirus in the workplace?

This little piece of wearable promotional technology will help your clients and employees to detect the first signs of coronavirus by sending them an alert if they have a fever.

3: Antibacterial Laminated Cover Notebooks

We can now supply a range of branded notepads featuring antibacterial laminated covers that can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. So, with preventing infection at the forefront of everyone’s mind when returning to work, there is no better excuse to replace your company notebooks. Plus, the cover can be custom printed in full colour with your logo, branding, or design.

How can this product help combat the spread of coronavirus in the workplace?

The thermo film of the laminate cover has a low melt coating and has been treated with antibacterial agents with more than 99% efficiency.

3: Hygiene Hook Keyring

Hygiene Hook KeyringSometimes we need to touch those high traffic areas, even though we’d rather not. Surfaces such as self check out screens, ATMs and elevator buttons have hundreds and thousands of people touching them every day, building up potentially infectious germs.

The Hygiene Hook keyring has been designed to help prevent you from touching these areas whilst you are out of the house – whether you’re commuting to work or out doing your weekly shop. Plus, this key ring is made out of 100% recycled plastic and can be branded in full colour to both sides, maximising your brand visibility when it’s used.

How can this product help combat the spread of coronavirus in the workplace?

This promotional keyring features a flat stylus tip that can be used to touch those germ-infested areas you’re trying to avoid and sports a handy finger hole for a firm grip. It also has a key loop fitted so you can attach it to your keys and take it everywhere you go.

5: Branded Facemasks

facemarks in personalised sleeve

The wearing of masks and face coverings is now mandatory on public transport and in shops. We can supply boxes of 50 disposable facemasks with a custom printed sleeve – the ideal addition to any office or workspace.

Alternatively, we can manufacture a range of branded reusable facemask directly printed with your logo, branding, or design. These are great for wearing around the workplace, to the shops, on public transport

How can this product help combat the spread of coronavirus in the workplace?

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Face masks have been proven to offer some protection from the virus spread through droplets. Of course, face masks are most effective if the wearer does not touch them and regularly washes their hands.

Remember, if you’re wearing disposable face masks, they need to be disposed of after each use, and all reusable facemasks need to be washed before they can be reused. For more information about how to wear facemasks safely, please refer to the series of infographics and videos posted by the World Health Organisation.

 6: PPE Safety Packs

We can supply a variety of “Welcome Back” and “Back to Work” packs which are made up of the necessitates to help protect you and your employees when you return to work.

Our Welcome Packs contain a range of products such as promotional hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, and gloves which can be given out to employees as they make the transition from working at home to the workplace.

Whereas our Back to Work packs are slighter larger and are ideal for small businesses to distribute between staff. They contain everything from health and safety posters to multiple face masks, several hand sanitizer bottles and antibacterial spray, to goggles and floor tape.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or would like further information about the products listed above? Please get in contact with GB Merchandise – our team is on hand to help with any queries you have!


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